Contribute to Learn TunePad

This page provides information on how to contribute lessons, activities, videos, tutorials, covers, and more to https://learn.tunepad.com

How to submit your original TunePad project

  1. Open your project in TunePad
  2. Click on the Share button and select Sharing & Collaboration
  3. Add project artwork by clicking on the image button (please avoid copyrighted images)
  4. Click on the Preview button to generate an audio preview of your project
  5. Add a short description of your project along with your Author information
  6. Finally, make sure your project is set to View Only

When you're done, send us us your project URL with the Subject TunePad original submission.

Note if you're creating a cover or remix of an existing song, please also include this disclaimer in your project description:

This project is based on TITLE by ARTISTS (YEAR), record label. For educational purposes only.

How to contribute a TunePad Tutorial

We welcome your contributions!
Please feel free to email us for more information on publishing your lessons, activities, videos, covers, and original music on learn.tunepad.com.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also contribute directly to our open source repository by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Clone the GitHub repository

Step 2: Install 11ty

We use a static site generator called 11ty to publish our learning resources. To install 11ty:

cd <my-project-directory>
npm install @11ty/eleventy --save-dev
npm install @11ty/eleventy-plugin-syntaxhighlight --save-dev
npm install --save-dev pagefind

Step 3: Run the development server

npx @11ty/eleventy --serve

Test your setup by opening http://localhost:8080/ in a web browser. You should see the landing page.

Step 4: Create your tutorial page

  • Make a copy of the file tutorials/stranger-things.md and save it in the tutorials folder
  • Let's say you called your new file tutorials/my-tutorial.md
  • Edit the frontmatter of your new file to change the highlighted fields below.
layout: layouts/activity.njk
tags: tutorials
category: Tutorial
title: "My Tutorial Title"
subtitle: Artist's name
description: Description of my tutorial and what people will learn
authors: by My name and optional contact info
level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert
time: Best estimate for the time it will take to do the tutorial in minutes
license: by-nc-sa
splash: /images/splash/my-tutorial-splash.png
video: optional link to external walkthrough video (e.g. YouTube link)
slides: optional link to external slides (e.g. Google Slides)
project: https://tunepad.com/project/project_id
audio: https://api.tunepad.com/api/projects/project_id/audio/
disclaimer: For educational purposes only. Based on song by artists (year), optional record label.

Step 5: Make your splash image

  • Add a splash image with this filename /assets/images/splash/my-tutorial-splash.png
  • Your image should be 600 x 400 pixels or 900 x 600 pixels
  • Please be careful with copyrighted material to stay in public domain or fair use boundaries

Step 6: See if your tutorial appears

  • Navigate to http://localhost:8080/tutorials/
  • You should see your tutorial appear at the end of the list
  • Click on your tutorial to open it

Step 7: Create your tutorial content

  • Edit the tutorials/my-tutorial.md file with your tutorial content.
  • This file uses markdown formatting.
  • You can proofread your edits by navigating to http://localhost:8080/tutorials/my-tutorial/

Step 8: Publish your TunePad project

Open your project in TunePad and click on Share -> Sharing & Collaboration

  1. Add project artwork
  2. Set your project to View Only
  3. Add a short description
  4. Make sure to click on the Preview button to generate an audio preview of your project

Step 9: Commit and Pull Request

  • When you're happy with your content make sure to commit your changes to your github development branch
  • Create a pull request to merge your content into the staging-master branch
  • We'll follow up to confirm that we received the request and keep you updated on the review and publishing process